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Getting Serious with Deleting

Hey there!

Long time no type.  For real.  Is anybody even still out there?


Ya.  That’s what I thought.

Oh well.  I’ll type like someone is reading;)

Notice anything different around here?


This is the first post on this blog. And the only one.

It’s time to start over guys.

Start WHAT over, you ask?

Life.  Life needs to start over.  It’s an impossible request and one that I, for obvious reason’s, cannot fulfill.

Life has gotten hard, guys (girls/whoever).  Days go in and out faster than I can catch up and I’ve been feeling it this year.

The winds of change are being welcomed and I HATE change so that’s saying something.

I’ll try and make this short because this post is not suppose to be depressing.  I’ve had some real issues with depression and overwhelming anxiety.  So much that I find myself in tears a good portion of the week.

Three kids has broken me.   Three are tough.  I didn’t believe it when more experienced parents told me that three kids were a game changer.  Boy, was it ever.  I don’t know if my 3rd baby was hard or just dealing with a baby and two other children was hard.

Not sure which is which, but I have ran the emotional gambit this last year.  But I have amazing children.  And luckily, they make me want to get my life together so that they can think the same of me.

I have an awesome (so I’ve heard) therapist that I am going to start seeing at the end of June (couldn’t get in any earlier), and I am excited to dig deep into my brain and figure this whole emotional rollercoaster out.

I’m excited about a plan that I feel is going to be successful (post on Wednesday).

It’s time to start facing life as a Food Addict.  I’ve turned to food so often that I don’t even know what I’m feeling anymore.  I can’t wait to figure this all out.

It’s my 37th birthday tomorrow and I want to make progress before I hit 40.  It will be one of the greatest gifts I can give myself.

So today, I give my self the gift of deletion.  I’m deleting all of my past posts.  All of my past failed attempts at weight loss, and I’m starting new.  With a different strategy, so that I can conquer this addiction once and for all.

❤ Carrie

P.S.  I wish I could blog every single day, but at this point I am barely able to write in my own personal journal everyday.  I will be using my Shrinking Carrie Facebook page regularly and will be making a blog post at least once a week.  Follow my Facebook page if you want to be updated regularly:)

P.P.S.  I have also deleted almost everything on my blog and am going to be updating everything up till this point in my life this next week.  Thanks for reading!